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ECHOESISTEMAS /lentos cerramientos/ by Katerina Ramos Jordán, a chapbook I designed as a commission from The Center for Book Arts for their 2020 Poetry Chapbook Contest.

For this handmade book, I wanted to be in conversation with Katerina's poems—which explore Édouard Glissant's poetics of the mangrove as a way to express Caribbean affect—from my own language as a photographer. I spent three months printing each of the 100 covers at home as unique cyanotypes, each one its own shade of blue depending on the sun, water, and weather conditions. Poems letterpress printed by Matt Collins, typographic design by Faride Mereb and illustrations by Karina Aliaga and Javier Olguin. Dos-à-dos cover and pamphlet stitched. Thai Unryu paper sleeve. Edition of 100.

Available for purchase at the Center for Book Arts' bookshop.

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