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Umbral, by photographer Erika Morillo, is an extremely intimate book in content and format. The case unfolds as a letter or as a present to the viewer. Behind the book, we can see the image of her son Amaru with arms opened amongst the dandelions, as if emulating the flaps of the envelope in a symmetrical communion of the forms. The book is landscape, with a square spine, hardcover, and cloth bound. Only a few lines of text are shown on the cover to guide the reader in their viewing of these photographs. The book has two readings, or what can be seen as one reading in two chapters. Seeing Erika’s previous work “All of Them,” made me figure out how these images, besides having a strong female perspective, sought the representation of an absence. In her first book, her father’s and in this second time, her experience as a single mother. – Faride Mereb


Hardcover Photobook
Landscape, 5.4×8.3 in, 14×21 cm
52 Pages

First edition of 100



Photographic Museum of Humanity: The Best Photobooks of 2019

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